Tuesday,  May 30, 2023  1:26 pm

Booking.com survey shows Canadians enjoy 'bleisure'

Booking.com survey shows Canadians enjoy 'bleisure'

Canadians value the opportunity to travel, both for business and leisure - and each profession is doing things differently.

New research from Booking.com for Business reveals that over a quarter of (26 per cent) of all working Canadian professionals accepted their job in part or fully because of opportunities to travel for work. In addition, over a third (36 per cent) said they would actively pursue a new job if it meant they could travel even more.

But how do the industries Canadians work in shape their outlook towards business and leisure travel, and the increasing intersection of the two?

Professional preferences are reflected in leisure travel choices

When looking across all professions, 73 per cent of Canadian employees say making time for leisure travel gives them greater job satisfaction. What’s more, for three quarters (75 per cent), leisure travel helps them to better manage work stress and pressure. Not surprisingly, most prefer holidays that allow them to relax (50 per cent) and spend time with their family (45 per cent).

When looking at the type of holidays Canadian professional prefer, there are some differences across the various industries. Bankers and professional service workers prefer to take shopping-focused trips (39 per cent), while those in manufacturing and logistics seek outdoor activities at their destinations (34 per cent) and nearly a fifth (18 per cent) of retail and sale professionals enjoy organized tours to explore their new surroundings.

In looking at preferred accommodation types and amenities, unique trends emerged across professions. Over a quarter (28 per cent) of both Canadian technology and computing professionals as well as medical and health workers love accommodations with ‘local charm’.

A comfortable bed was a top priority for Canadian professionals across several industries including healthcare (77 per cent), government (76 per cent) and retail (76 per cent). Over a third (39 per cent) of those in local or national government enjoy ‘all-inclusive’ accommodations, while education professionals’ preferences are geared towards a luxurious bathroom (20 per cent), a hearty breakfast (57 per cent) and close proximity to green spaces (27 per cent).

Bleisure travel is all about the destination

Regardless of industry, when travelling for business the destination itself is at the heart of whether Canadians opt to build in extra time on their business trip. For nearly two thirds (65 per cent) the opportunity to explore a city they haven’t visited before was a top priority and 41 per cent want to spend more time in a favourite location.

The research also suggests that Canadian professionals try to make the most of a destination when travelling for business and want a local experience. For over a third (43 per cent) trying local cuisine was important, as was experiencing local art and culture (37 per cent) and finding hidden gems off the beaten path (21 per cent).

“It’s no surprise that mixing leisure with business travel – or 'bleisure' – remains a hot trend. It’s interesting to see the differences in how each profession prefers to plan and spend their trips and reminds us that offering a diverse range of accommodations is key to staying top of mind for Canadian business and leisure travellers," said Ripsy Bandourian, senior director of product development, at Booking.com for Business.