Tuesday,  July 7, 2020  3:06 pm

Australia & New Zealand considering opening a "travel bubble"

Australia & New Zealand considering opening a "travel bubble"
Christine Hogg

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Despite reporting its highest number of COVID-19 cases in two weeks on Apr. 27th, Australia and New Zealand are in talks of opening a "trans-Tasman travel bubble" that would allow travel between the two neighbouring countries.

The term "trans-Tasman" refers to travel back and forth from Australia to New Zealand, via the Tasman Sea.

As of May 4th, Johns Hopkins reports that Australia has recorded 6,823 confirmed cases of COVID-19, with 96 deaths. The majority of deaths (43) were in New South Wales. New Zealand's data, however, is more optimistic, with 1, 487 confirmed cases, and just 20 deaths. Both countries have been actively promoting social distancing and rigorous COVID-19 testing, which has contributed to a decline in mortality rates, The CBC reports.

New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is set to meet with Australia's Premier Scott Morrison on May 5th, to take part in a meeting of Australia‚Äôs emergency coronavirus cabinet, where a possible deal could be reached, Reuters reports. Before a "travel bubble" can happen, though, Ardern asserts that more measures must be put in place to keep COVID-19 cases down.

Next week, New Zealand will slowly reopen some schools on a staggered basis, while over in New South Wales, home visits are already allowed.

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