Friday,  August 7, 2020  5:21 pm

Argentina suspends Canadian reciprocity fee

Argentina suspends Canadian reciprocity fee

Early this morning, the Argentine government officially suspended the reciprocity fee for Canadians, effective Jan. 1, 2018.

In a press release sent out by the Official Gazette of the Argentine Republic, the move comes as a "necessary means to strengthen bilateral relations with Canada, and is aimed at promoting trade and tourism, contributing to the creation of a favorable framework to encourage cultural, scientific, technological and economic activities, in order to lay the strategic migratory foundations, and to comply with the commitments assumed by the Argentine Republic regarding the integration and mobility of migrants."

Prior to this suspension, Canadian visitors to Argentina, whether on leisure or business, had to pay a mandatory US$78 (approx. $100CAD) reciprocity fee online, prior to their arrival in Argentina.

More to follow.