Tuesday,  November 28, 2023  3:01 pm

Grupo Iberostar reports strong performance in 2016

Grupo Iberostar reports strong performance in 2016

Grupo Iberostar has announced that its turnover for 2016 reached 2.03 billion euros – an increase of 10 per cent from the previous year. The news came as the company also looked ahead to the opening of six new Iberostar Hotels & Resorts establishments in 2017, in addition to investments of more than 125 million euros in the renovation and modernization of its hotels.

In 2016 – the year of its 60th anniversary – the company’s investment program saw hotels opened in new destinations such as the U.S. and Ibiza, with a number of its hotels renovated and modernized in line with guests’ changing needs and company standards. Its profit reinvestment policy saw the company allocate more than 90 million euros to the renovation of several hotels in its global portfolio.

Meanwhile, the company has announced that it will open six new hotels – in Spain, the U.S., Morocco, Mexico, and two in Cuba – in 2017.

The new Iberostar App will also be launched in 2017, featuring functions such as the e-concierge, which will allow guests to chat with hotel staff in real time.