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Despite COVID-19, Club Med reopens 3 resorts; prepares for a strong rebound

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  •   04-30-2020  10:25 am
  •   Pax Global Media

Despite COVID-19, Club Med reopens 3 resorts; prepares for a strong rebound
Club Med Guilin.
Pax Global Media

Club Med is monitoring the development of COVID-19 and following the recommendations issued by the international competent authorities. Thus, decisions to suspend resorts operations had to be taken due to the border’s closures in many countries and containment measures. 

This is the first time that Club Med had to close its all 68 resorts around the world. However, the April month show some good first positive signs of rebound. 

On Apr. 6th, 2020, Club Med Joyview Anji Resort reopened, followed by the Club Med Joyview Yanqing Pekin on Apr. 20th, and the Club Med Resort Guilin on April 27th. 

Before the complete closure of borders, Club Med organized the fast repatriation of guests back to Canada. 

"All of those operations were possible thanks to the constant communications led by our Canadian teams with our resorts and our G.Ms staying in our resorts at this moment.  All our clients safely returned home," Club Med said in a statement.

Despite the challenges caused by the progressive cancellation of airline flights and the closure of air space and airports, Club Med also organized the return home of their staff impacted by the closure of its resorts.

Donating to those who need it most

Club Med resorts around the world have donated perishable foodstuffs to various associations.

  • In the United States, Club Med Sandpiper Bay, Florida, donated 500 pounds of food to the House of Hope of the city of Stewart and the local food bank and over 500 masks to the Darwin Square Center – a member of the Florida Community Health Centers.
  • In the Caribbean, Club Med Turkoise donated $9,000 worth of food to the Red Cross and local church, and all perishable food at Club Med La Caravelle was donated to local employees. In Mexico, Club Med Cancun Yucatan donated 50 bags of food to local employees.
  • In the Bahamas, Club Med Columbus Isle donated $24,000 worth of food to its local employees to and a local senior citizen centre
  • In French Alps, Club Med Serre-Chevalier distributed 15,000 face masks to the Briançon hospital, local retirement home and firefighters. Club Med Valmorel donated 24,000 pairs of gloves and refills of hydro-alcoholic gels to the hospital of Albertville. Fosun International Group, Club Med’s parent company, have donated 80,000 respiratory protection masks and 5,500 scrubs to the Auvergne-Rhône Alpes region.
  • The Club Med Foundation distributed 1,900 meals to children in the city of Phuket and 5,000 meals to children in the villages around our Bali resort.

Apr. 27th was Club Med's 70th anniversary. While the world recovers at home, a new concept, Club Med at Home, is now available to share, relax and reconnect – exclusively available online at https://www.clubmed.ca/l/clubmed-at-home or official Instagram and Facebook accounts.

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