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Barcelo launches post-COVID "We Care About You" program

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  •   09-01-2020  10:09 am
  •   Pax Global Media

Barcelo launches post-COVID "We Care About You" program
Pax Global Media

Barcelo Hotel Group has launched a program called "We Care About You," a post-COVID plan that aims to strengthen the protection of customers, employees and suppliers of the chain, when its hotels and resorts reopen.

The program is based on recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the relevant health and safety authorities in each country. It will be constantly adapted to the context in order to offer maximum security, while maintaining a pleasant experience for customers.

The program includes measures focused on the disinfection of rooms and common areas, as well as new specific protocols in the areas of catering and other services offered by Barcelo properties. The program also uses technological solutions as a protective support.

A Barcelo hygienist

Barcelo intends to integrate a new position - a hygienist - in its response to COVID-19. This person will be responsible for the application of strict cleaning protocols (using hospital grade disinfectants) and air purification procedures for hard to reach areas.

In this regard, Barcelo specifies that the current ventilation protocols will be strengthened and that air conditioning adjustments will be made.

Barcelo also reports that distribution stations for hydro-alcoholic gel, disposable gloves and disinfecting wipes will be set up in the common areas of its properties.


As for catering, the service will continue to be offered by taking specific capacity management measures (new seating protocol, extension of hours to avoid crowds). Other measures will also be taken, such as the reduction of decorative elements and cards, as well as the disinfection of crockery and cutlery.

The buffets will continue to operate, but with safety measures preventing the handling of food and contact of surfaces by customers. For room service, durable disposable materials will be used. The Grab & Go option will also be available.

Regular audits

New measures will apply to leisure and entertainment activities, while still others will aim to facilitate the movement of customers on the site while maintaining the minimum recommended distance.

All employees of Barcelo hotels and resorts will be provided with protective equipment that they will use according to the directives of the health authorities.

All of these measures will be verified by regular audits carried out by internationally recognized external companies.