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Bahia Principe withdraws representation in Canada

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  •   01-14-2021  3:21 pm
  •   Pax Global Media

Bahia Principe withdraws representation in Canada
From left: Michelle Grenier; Sal Buccellato (top, right); Gavin Jimenez (bottom, right).
Pax Global Media

"It is with a heavy heart that I announce to you that Gavin [Jimenez], Sal [Buccellato] and I will no longer represent Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts in Canada," announced Michelle Grenier, Quebec Account Manager, on Facebook. 

"It was a great pleasure to assist you with your sales of this popular hotel chain," added Ms. Grenier, saying she is convinced that the industry will recover for the better. “We remain confident for the future." 

Sal Buccellato confirmed the news with PAX on Thursday (Jan. 14). 

Team members at Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts in Miami, in the meantime, will be assisting travel travel advisors. 

“Good luck and we look forward to seeing you again,” concluded Grenier.

Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts was represented by Quadra Innovations in Canada. The news comes as the hotel brand scales back its global operations amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Several of the brand's hotels are currently closed, temporarily. 

"Difficult times for all hotel chains"

Michael Price, a partner at Quadra Innovations, said Bahia Principe informed Quadra just over a week ago that they would be terminating their contract. 

"We have the greatest respect for Bahia Principe and are very proud of the work we have done to promote them across the country over the last nine years," Price told PAX in a telephone interview on Thursday. 

"Clearly these are difficult times for all hotel chains and we wish them the very best." 

Price said his main concern was for "our magnificent team," Sal, Gavin and Michelle, who are "very well known across the industry and have worked tirelessly to promote Bahia Principe."

"Rest assured to the thousands of travel agents across the country that know them so well, that we at Quadra Innovations will look after them," Price said. 

Price said Quadra is currently in discussions with Bahia to ensure that they fulfill the obligations of their contract. 

"The positive of all this is that we are now free agents to work with other hotel chains and look forward to happier and more positive times," said Price. 

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