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Uplift teams up with Revelex to bring travel financing to more cruisers

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  •   07-06-2022  4:37 pm
  •   Pax Global Media

Uplift teams up with Revelex to bring travel financing to more cruisers
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Pax Global Media

Revelex Corporation, a global travel technology solutions company specializing in cruise, will provide buy now, pay later company Uplift with the technology to assist sellers of cruise in bringing installment payments to even more North American travellers. 

Revelexs technology will provide Uplift with an innovative and simple way for distributors of cruise, and travel advisors to offer travel financing via Revelex in the booking process, according to a press release issued Wednesday (July 6) 

Revelex offers B2B and B2C solutions as well as a global Cruise API that provides electronic booking capabilities to more than 40 cruise lines worldwide. 

This will provide a means of attracting new clients and enhancing revenue streams for cruise distributors and travel advisors, and for consumers, this means more choices.

We are truly thrilled about working with Revelex, North America’s premier shopping and booking tool for cruise reservations. It opens up new opportunities in the cruise space and will change how our industry and end users will shop for and purchase a cruise,” said Rob Borden, senior vice-president commercial and cruise at Uplift. By leveraging Revelexs cutting edge technology, we are able to reach more travelers and provide travel suppliers and advisors with quick and easy access to Uplift.”

With its accessible travel payment solution, Uplift enables travel providers to offer installments to their customers who can travel now and spread the cost over affordable monthly payments making trips more accessible for North American travellers. 

In conjunction with Revelex, Uplift s custom-tailored solution for cruise distributors and travel advisors makes getaways more rewarding for their clients.

“The Revelex global cruise solution continues to grow and evolve. Revelex remains committed to staying one-step ahead in developing and deploying the newest functionality for the benefit of our clients. I am very excited about this partnership with Uplift and the benefits it will bring to our travel partners in North America,” said Joseph Romans, vice-president os sales at Revelex.

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