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TravelBrands' Encore Cruises partners with Virgin Voyages

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  •   06-01-2023  10:45 am
  •   Pax Global Media

TravelBrands' Encore Cruises partners with Virgin Voyages
(Virgin Voyages)
Pax Global Media

TravelBrands’ Encore Cruises has announced a partnership with Virgin Voyages, a renowned cruise line known for its playful yet sophisticated atmosphere.

With a growing trend of travellers seeking unique and remote destinations, the partnership allows TravelBrands to offer once-in-a-lifetime voyages that create memorable moments.

“People’s desire to travel is stronger than ever, and our partnership with Virgin Voyages enables us to fulfill the demand for exciting cruise experiences,” said Nathalie Tanious, COO, TravelBrands. “It is our unwavering priority to provide travellers with the exceptional cruise vacations they seek, while continuously adding value to our travel agent partners. Through our collaboration with Virgin Voyages, we are committed to delivering unforgettable journeys filled with adventure, relaxation, and unparalleled moments of joy.”

Virgin Voyages has a unique approach to sea travel. The cruise line offers an array of impressive amenities and entertainment options onboard their ships. 

Virgin Voyages caters to the modern traveller seeking a vibrant and contemporary cruisegetaway.

In addition, travel agents booking Virgin Voyages sailings through TravelBrands’ Encore Cruises during the month of June 2023 will earn a $100 bonus commission.

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