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Scenic Group adding Starlink high-speed internet to all yachts

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  •   06-15-2023  3:05 pm
  •   Pax Global Media

Scenic Group adding Starlink high-speed internet to all yachts
Emerald Azzurra. (Emerald)
Pax Global Media

SpaceX's high-speed Starlink satellite internet is changing the way cruise passengers stay connected at sea – and the Scenic Group is getting in on the upgrade. 

The parent company of Scenic Luxury Cruises and Tours and Emerald Cruises have announced plans to add Starlink to their ocean-going fleets to ensure faster, more reliable internet connections for guests no matter where their ships sail.

All four yachts to be outfitted by end of the year, the company says. 

Beginning with fitting their newest Discovery Yacht, Scenic Eclipse II, with Starlink prior to its christening on June 3, Scenic Group will also add Starlink to its 100-guest luxury yachts Emerald Azzurra before the end of June. 

They also plan to include Starlink on their second luxury yacht, Emerald Sakara, which is scheduled to launch in August; Eclipse will see it by the end of 2023. 

SpaceX’s 3,500 satellites (with plans for upwards of 42,000) provide cruise ships with internet access speeds of up to 70 times faster than standard satellites and offers more reliable internet service. 

Service currently spans many of Scenic’s destinations and cruising routes – whether it is the ports of Europe or the most remote of places such as Antarctica.

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