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Royal Caribbean Group to build a green cruise terminal in Ravenna, Italy

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  •   09-24-2021  10:01 am
  •   Pax Global Media

Royal Caribbean Group to build a green cruise terminal in Ravenna, Italy
The Royal Caribbean Group is going to build a new cruise terminal in Ravenna, Italy. (Royal Caribbean Group)
Pax Global Media

The Royal Caribbean Group (RCG) is set to build a new cruise terminal in Ravenna, Italy, which is the capital city of the Province of Ravenna in the Emilia-Romagna region of Northern Italy.

The Ravenna Port Authority announced that it has awarded the tender to construct a new terminal and the concession of its cruise operations in Porto Corsini to RCL Cruises Ltd., which is a subsidiary of RCG.

In a news release, RCG says the new facility will be completed in spring 2024, promising an “attractive world-class homeport for cruise ships to begin and end their cruise itineraries and not just as a port of call.”

When the terminal is fully operational, the total number of guests is expected to increase to more than 300,000 per year, most of whom will begin and end their cruises in Ravenna, the company said.

With convenient access to the airports of Bologna, Forlì, Rimini and the iconic city of Venice, the territory is expected to see a significant economic boon with pre- and post-cruise visitors.

Sustainability in mind

Spanning 12 hectares, the new terminal will showcase integrated landscaping with public green spaces, pedestrian and cycling pathways, and entertainment areas for residents and visitors – “all celebrating the surrounding natural coastal environment,” the RCG said.

The project has sustainability plans for LEED certification focusing on water and energy efficiency, renewable energy production, recycling and waste management, and sustainable sourcing of materials.

In addition, shore power will be available on the docks to enable ships in port to turn off their engines.

"The fact that an international cruise operator of such worldwide importance as Royal Caribbean Group, has decided to invest in our port is an important signal for the entire Ravenna area,” said Daniele Rossi, president of the Ravenna Port Authority, in a statement. 

Rossi noted how the project contains “very detailed insights on the impact that the presence of the terminal may have on local access roads and suggests alternative routes that relieve traffic to reach and leave the terminal area."

More cruising options

Royal Caribbean Group said it is committed to the strategic development of the port to expand the range of options for cruise travellers in the Adriatic region and throughout the Mediterranean in anticipation of a strong tourism rebound.

The investment is part of the Port Hub marine project which will allow access to a greater number of ships through the North Inner Port area.

"We are so honoured to partner with the Ravenna Port Authority on this exciting cutting-edge project which will return growth to Ravenna and bring a new era of cruising to the region,” said Joshua Carroll, vice president, Destination Development at Royal Caribbean Group.

“There is a wealth of opportunities for visitors to discover the rich historic and cultural treasures, art and antiquities, the thrill of motor racing, unspoiled nature and beaches, international nightlife and Italian culinary tradition.”

The homeport operations will generate direct and indirect employment for 100 to 200 people a day in a variety of positions including pier staff, check-in agents, security guards, porters, stevedores, custodial staff, pilots, mooring personnel, port and shipping agents, bus, taxi, limo and truck drivers, tourist escorts and guides.

On days without ships at berth, the terminal and its walkway over the sea will be accessible to both public and private events, such as sport competitions, artistic and literary presentations and more.

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