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Quark Expeditions unveils S.A.F.E. COVID Policy ahead of 2021 sailing season

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  •   12-23-2020  7:07 am
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Quark Expeditions unveils S.A.F.E. COVID Policy ahead of 2021 sailing season
Photo credit: Sam Crimmin/Quark Expeditions.
Pax Global Media

Polar adventure specialist Quark Expeditions has unveiled a new program called the S.A.F.E. COVID Policy, which is designed to bring peace of mind and reassurance to potential explorers as they once again start planning expedition travel in the coming months.

"We've spared no expense or effort in developing our S.A.F.E. COVID Policy," said Andrew White, president of Quark Expeditions. "This all-encompassing policy not only safeguards the traveller's health against COVID-19 and secures their dollar investment – offering a level of protection and money-back guarantee unparalleled in the competitive travel market – it ensures every guest enjoys their polar experience to the fullest, without compromise." 

"Never has there been a better time to visit the Polar Regions."

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S.A.F.E. COVID Policy stands for:

State-of-the-art Testing & Health Protocols – Quark Expeditions says its testing system is capable of providing 100% detection (even when guests are pre-symptomatic) with results available in 30 minutes. Staff are able to test all passengers within two hours. In addition, Quark has rigorously enhanced all sanitization procedures.

Anytime Cancellation & Rebooking – Through this cancellation and rebooking policy, travellers can rebook right up to a month before the voyage. If a COVID-related reason keeps them from travelling, they're covered right up until the day of departure with flexible rebooking options.

Free from Crowds in the Polar Regions – Natural social distancing is part of life in the remote, wide-open and sparsely-populated Polar Regions—making the Arctic and Antarctic the best places to be at a time when location matters most. Guests can take comfort knowing that for the duration of their expedition, they are only interacting with their fellow pre-screened passengers and Quark Expeditions staff.

Experience will not be Compromised – Quark Expeditions is known for offering guests extraordinary off-ship excursions. Te company says guests will continue to have every opportunity to experience the glaciers, fjords, and wildlife from our Zodiacs and during on-shore excursions. 

"Quark Expeditions has always put our travellers first," said White. "This truly is the best time for guests to discover or rediscover the Polar Regions. We want our guests to feel confident their money is safe, their health is in the best, most qualified hands, and that their expedition experience will surpass their wildest expectations."

The Quark Expeditions S.A.F.E. COVID Policy is effective immediately and applies to all upcoming sailings. For more info, click here. 

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