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Princess Cruises' next two ships to feature escape rooms

Princess Cruises' next two ships to feature escape rooms

Princess Cruises recently announced that its next two new ships, the Sky Princess and the Enchanted Princess, will feature an escape room on board.

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Passengers will experience a journey through time and space with Phantom Bridge, an interactive room developed by Farbound, which combines both physical and digital elements, all in one immersive environment. 

Upon stepping into the room, players must:

  • Discover clues to solve the mystery: Projection mapping, touch screen surfaces and hidden physical elements bring the environment to life.
  • Combine the physical with the digital with immersive effects: Players control the ship and rotate the physical wheel to navigate the ship and watch the evolution of the simulation view. Illumination, sound and digital functions disguised as physical are combined to create an immersive and realistic experience at every stage of the process. But players must be wary because they will never know when a new item might mysteriously appear and be the key to the next puzzle.
  • Play together: Phantom Bridge adapts the experience to players of all ages and abilities so that parents, children and grandparents can play together. In addition, with so many levels, periods and puzzles, more than 700 different results are possible, which means that players can come back, because it's never the same adventure!

Phantom Bridge will debut aboard the Sky Princess in December 2019, and then aboard the Enchanted Princess in the summer of 2020 .

The activity lasts 23 minutes and can accommodate up to six people.

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