Friday,  September 29, 2023  3:47 am

NCL reverses policy on food in cabins

NCL reverses policy on food in cabins

Norwegian Cruise Line will once again allow guests aboard their ships to take restaurant meals back to their staterooms, reversing a recent policy change prohibiting the practice.

According to Norwegian President & COO Andy Stuart, the policy, which was enacted earlier this spring as “an endeavor to create a higher quality guest experience by eliminating dirty trays, plates and glasses that were observed in the ship's hallways,” was reversed after the cruise line received significant feedback from both guests and travel partners.

“We saw this as an opportunity to enhance the guest experience onboard, which is always our number one priority,” Stuart said. “In truth, we simply didn't understand how important it was for so many of our guests to have the option to enjoy meals at their convenience in their stateroom.”