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Emerald & Scenic show off new 6-star luxury Eclipse and super yacht Azzurra

Emerald & Scenic show off new 6-star luxury Eclipse and super yacht Azzurra
Juna Ueda, general manager, Canada sales, Scenic Group; Patricia Wu, brand director, Canada, Emerald Waterways; Jared Gelfand, BDM, Ontario, Scenic Group; Tracy Daniels, BDM, Ontario & Eastern Canada, Scenic Group; Lisa McCaskill, VP, sales and marketing, Scenic Group.
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Noting record growth in the Canadian market year after year, Scenic Group and Emerald Waterways came together last night in Toronto to share a series of important updates for both brands, notably, the long-awaited Scenic Eclipse and Emerald's first super yacht, the brand-new Emerald Azzurra.

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Off to a phenomenal start this year, Juna Ueda, general manager, Canada sales, Scenic Group, noted that the Scenic brand has been growing steadily over the last few years, and Emerald, which has been on the market just five years, has recorded double-digit growth year over year.

About the Emerald Azzurra

Designed specially for sailing the warm, turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, Adriatic, and Red Seas, azzurra means "blue" in Italian.

The 360-foot long Emerald Azzurra has been custom-designed to cruise the waters of the Adriatic Coast, the Red Sea and the Mediterranean, offering guests an intimate, boutique yachting experience. The yacht will call on multiple ports in Greece, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, France, Turkey, Cyprus, Malta, Spain, Israel, Jordan and Egypt. 

Steel-cutting began on Dec. 7, 2019, and construction on the Azzurra is well underway. The Ha Long Shipyard, the same company that built the Emerald Harmony, is currently in charge of the project.

As well as exploring the major highlights in these regions, guests will also have unique access to the smaller ports and harbors only accessible by small yachts, giving them the freedom to explore the authentic local towns and villages.

Unlike other ships in this class, 88 per cent of the 50 cabins feature balconies, and the suites start at more than 285 ft².

Common areas and shared spaces, like the Reflections restaurant, have been purposely designed to include more space than needed for those on board, to retain a sense of intimacy. While a typical cruise restaurant provides 2m² per guest, Reflections is 315m² for just 100 guests, and can easily fit 160 guests.

Early bird fares are currently live, and combination trips (11-15-day journeys) are currently 20 per cent off.

The Emerald Azzurra

Here's what's included on board the Emerald Azzurra:

  • Airport transfers to and from the yacht
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner on board
  • Complimentary beer, wine,  and soft drinks with lunch and dinner
  • State-of-the-art coffee and tea stations
  • Knowledgeable local tour guides
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Port charges
  • Onboard entertainment, including a cinema
  • Fitness guide, EmeraldPLUS, and EmeraldACTIVE

Plus, all gratuities are always taken care of, so there's no surprises on your bill when you check out.

Emerald Azzurra will sail from July 31, 2021, with an exciting eight-day adventure now available to book! More than 25 curated itineraries are also available for booking. For a full list of itineraries offered by the Emerald Azzurra, click here

Emerald has done a slight rebrand; travel agents should note that now branches out to and in order to better clarify the various river and ocean cruises available to guests.

Scenic Eclipse is in the water!

The Scenic Eclipse, the brand's luxury “6-star” Discovery Yacht, was first announced back in January 2016, with an anticipated inaugural sailing for August 2018. However, due to unforeseen construction issues at the shipyard where she was being built, the launch date was pushed back multiple times through the 2018 year, as well as into 2019.

Now, the team at Scenic says it's nothing but smooth sailing ahead for the Scenic Eclipse.

"The Scenic Eclipse was a challenge," said Lisa McCaskill, VP, sales and marketing, Scenic Group. "She was delayed a couple of times, but we're so happy that she's in the water as of August last year." 

The Scenic Eclipse

Since then, there have been a number of site inspections on board the Eclipse, which is currently in the midst of her Antarctica season, which has been immensely popular for the company, with McCaskill noting that those sailings sold out almost immediately. Once on board, guests are completely taken care of, with Scenic providing all of the necessary parks and boots to ensure that guests are comfortable and have everything they need for the ultimate Arctic experience.

With space for just 228 guests, and 220 in the polar regions, the Eclipse specializes in discovery and exploration in the Arctic, and introduces guests to real-world explorers and lecturers on board to deliver a fascinating and educational cruising experience. 

There are currently 15 itineraries aboard the Scenic Eclipse and six are brand new and they can be pre-registered right now for a $500 fully-refundable deposit to secure a booking. All prices are in Canadian dollars. According to McCaskill, the Mediterranean sailings continue to be a favourite with Canadians, and the newer itineraries have been shortened to better reflect the needs of the North American market, now offering sailing options from seven to 11 nights.

In respect to both the Scenic Eclipse and the Emerald Azzurra, one of the most outstanding features is the amount of gross tonnage, or personal space, that a guest has on board is quite impressive compared to other larger, less intimate ships.

"For those 5,000 to 6,000 passenger ships, the gross tonnage is anywhere from 35 to 40; on Emerald Azzurra it will be 53, and on the Scenic Eclipse, its 77 in the non-polar regions, and 88 when you get to those polar regions," McCaskill said.

In fact, many of the common areas, like the dining room, or the theatre, were intentionally designed to hold more people than will actually be on board at any given time, in order to create a sense of intimacy and luxury.

The Arctic continues to be incredibly popular with Canadians, and all of the current itineraries can be viewed here.

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