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Cruise CEO advisor takes marketing to new level & wins top agent awards

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  •   11-04-2021  10:32 am
  •   Pax Global Media

Cruise CEO advisor takes marketing to new level & wins top agent awards
Kathleen Penner from Plenty of Sunshine Travel. (Supplied)
Pax Global Media

Kathleen Penner from Plenty of Sunshine Travel, an affiliate of Cruise CEO, has been awarded not one but two Hamilton Spectator Readers’ Choice awards. 

Penner won the top Diamond Award for best travel advisor, and her travel agency was also awarded the Diamond Award for the top best Travel Agency. 

Despite a shutdown in travel, her local marketing efforts are paying off. 

Over the last 15 months, Penner has started a YouTube channel where she posts weekly updates with her cruise partners, launched a new website, grown her client email list, started a weekly podcast and switched host agencies to ensure her business is aligned with a cruise focused host partner.

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“I am always looking for new innovative ways to reach new clients and get my business name into my community. Being recognized as the top travel agency and travel agent in the city of Hamilton, Ontario (a population of 767,000 people) shows me that my efforts are producing results,” said Penner. 

Porch marketing 

Recently, Penner came up with an idea to revolutionize her porch to get more eyes on her business.

 “Like every other advisor, it’s been a rough go, but as a home-based cruise agent, I am always challenging myself to reach new clients in innovative ways. I realized, with six people in my house, we’re always getting orders and packages dropped off, so I thought, why not turn my porch into a marketing billboard and use this location to increase awareness of my business? I posted my logo, have supplier flyers, business cards and a tri-fold brochure showcasing what I offer," Penner said. 

"It’s great to see the response so far and the interest it’s created!”

Penner revolutionized her porch to get more eyes on her business. (Supplied)

Caroline Hay, president of Cruise CEO, said, “Kathleen has put the time into her business over the past 15 months, and her work is paying off!" 

"We’re very proud of her recent awards, and it’s so well deserved. Her innovative approach and commitment to building her business is commendable and captures the true essence of being the CEO of her own cruise business! 

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