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Celebrity sails into all-inclusive territory

Celebrity sails into all-inclusive territory

Celebrity Cruises is sailing into all-inclusive territory, announcing on Tuesday (Nov. 10) that it will introduce a new "Always Included" pricing structure. 

The offer will be available for all Celebrity Cruises bookings made as of Nov. 17, and will roll Wi-Fi internet access and all drinks and gratuities into one fare.

“Yes, all cruises, all cabins, all passengers, always! ALL INCLUSIVE!," announced Mathieu Robert, commercial director of Celebrity, on Facebook.

Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, president and CEO of Celebrity Cruises, said Celebrity is tapping into a “new luxury” culture with its Edge Series ships, including Celebrity Edge and its brand-new sister ship Celebrity Apex

“Nothing is more luxurious than when things are extra simple,” said Lutoff-Perlo. 

"All passengers in an eligible reservation who choose the" Always Included "package will receive a standard drink and prepaid tips package, plus an unlimited" Surf "internet package for the 1st and 2nd passenger," the company explains.

Additional packages

“Very advantageous packages will be available for an upgrade,” added Robert.

These additional packages bear the names of Elevate and Indulge. Available in all cabin categories, they apply to all cabin passengers. (All passengers, however, must choose the same type of package.)

  • The Elevate package ($30 per day) includes the upgrade to Premium drinks and the ability to add excursions worth up to $ 200 per person.
  • For its part, the Indulge package ($60 per day) also includes an upgrade to Premium drinks and the possibility of adding excursions worth up to $200 per person. In addition, it includes the upgrade to Wi-Fi Stream as well as an onboard credit of up to US $ 200 per person (to be spent as desired).

"You should never waste a good crisis"

PAX's Quebec bureau asked Robert to explain the reasons for Celebrity's strategic change.

“Like Churchill said, you should never waste a good crisis, and that's exactly what Celebrity intends to do,” he said.

Celebrity's decision goes beyond a new pricing strategy, insisted Robert: it is part of the company's new New Luxury positioning .

“We want to take the opportunity of this break period to reposition ourselves in the market as being" New Luxury,'" This new luxury is supported, among other things, by our new Edge class ships, the Flora, the Retreat, and by our "revolution" [which is how Celebrity designates the modernization of its ships]. "

According to Robert, Celebrity's strategic change is the culmination of all its investments and all of its adjustments to its culinary, cultural and well-being experiences.

“Very positive changes! "

“In addition, we are changing our pricing strategy in order to be simple, clear and familiar to our partners and customers! In short, very positive changes!," he said. 

With files from Michael Pihach.

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