Saturday,  June 25, 2022  7:30 pm

Carnival Cruise Line enhances travel agent reward program

Carnival Cruise Line enhances travel agent reward program

Carnival Cruise Line has upgraded its travel agent reward program, offering agents a new point redemption process so that all gift cards are now offered in electronic format.

The change means that agents may now choose from a broader range of gift card selections and receive their electronic gift cards within 30 minutes of placing their order. A larger selection of retail and restaurant offerings were added to the program as part of the enhancement, while the line has also developed a new version of the point redemption web site for the Rewards Program.

Travel Agent Rewards Program web site enhancements also include a newly-designed ordering tool highlighting ‘frequently viewed items’ in addition to the ability to create item ‘wish lists.’ Canadian travel agents will also receive a catalogue of gift card selections tailored to their market and offered in Canadian dollar denominations.

With the Travel Agent Rewards Program, travel agents may redeem points in increments of 10,000 and 20,000 for gift offerings at values of $50 and $100. Points in the program are earned based on online booking activities and non-booking activities such as meeting with the Carnival sales team, hidden codes in Carnival’s trade emails and more.

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