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WestJet's AI technology now available via Whatsapp

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  •   03-04-2020  11:48 am

WestJet's AI technology now available via Whatsapp

After launching an AI chatbot (Juliet) on Google Assistant in November 2019, WestJet is now offering an AI-powered WhatsApp channel for its guests.

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WhatsApp is currently the most-used app in the world for instant messaging and calls and currently supports more than two billion users in 180 countries around the world. Adding Juliet to WhatsApp will enable WestJet to access to presently unreachable areas and untapped markets with trustworthy conversation.

As WestJet continues to transform into a global airline, Juliet has integrated successfully across its Facebook Messenger and Google Voice platforms and continues to position WestJet as an innovator in the travel space.

  • Juliet has already supported more than 300,000 guest inquiries;
  • Nearly 70 per cent of all requests were resolved through Juliet;
  • Approximately 60 per cent of guests chose to talk to Juliet again;
  • Juliet has answers to more than 750 questions

Guests can now access Juliet through WhatsApp by sending Juliet a message at +1 403 444 2552.

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