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There’s a free vegan travel summit happening in January. Register now!

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There’s a free vegan travel summit happening in January. Register now!
Jason McGregor, owner of Vegan Vacations. (Supplied)
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“Veganism is more than just a way of eating” said Jason McGregor, owner of Vegan Vacations. “Vegan travel means you will not be faced with any element of your vacation having an adverse action on animal life – no leather chairs in the room, no feather pillows or comforters on the bed, no “tested on animal” hygiene products in the bathroom and dining options that are designed to support vegan health.”

“The days of only accommodating vegans by removing elements from regular menu items are behind us.”

Vegan travellers and the companies that support them are gathering online next month at the 2022 Travelling in a New Vegan World Summit (#NVW22).

Taking place over 17 days on the platform Hey Summit, the virtual event, hosted by The Vegan Travel Association (VTA), is set to take place January 15-31, 2022.

An opening session will kick off the series on Jan. 14, and best of all, admission is free.

A global community 

The Vegan Travel Association is a collective of travel professionals who support travellers and travel businesses from all over the world that identify as vegan or plant-based, which is a first for any association in Canada.

The VTA includes businesses from Canada, the United States and across the world.

The founding organizations/members are Vegan Vacations, Green Earth Travel, World Vegan Travel, Veg Voyages, Vegan Travel Club, Margie Travels and Jennifer Kern-Kaminsky, CTA.

“We knew there was a huge need to support vegan travellers” said Donna Zeigfinger, owner of Green Earth Travel. “The feedback from the first annual summit was so positive and encouraging.”

“Clients and new prospects alike were thrilled to participate in such a supportive event that it was a no-brainer to carry the summit forward year after year.”

The Travelling in a New Vegan World Summit (#NVW22) will include:

  • 40+ speakers with a focus on vegan travel
  • 40+ presentations designed to support and engage vegan travellers
  • Both live and pre-recorded presentations to inspire and educate vegan travellers on what options currently support their travel desires
  • Travel companies showcasing which products they offer that support vegan travellers

This is the second year the Travelling in a New Vegan World Summit has been held.

It started in 2021 with a small group of presenters, just a handful of presentations “and the response was phenomenal,” the collective said.

From the initial summit, a private Facebook group called by the same name, “Travelling in a New Vegan World” was formed and now currently has more than 2,000 members.

They regularly host live sessions on Facebook as well as informal chats on the new platform Clubhouse, under the Vegan Travel Club moniker.

This year’s summit event itself will not only educate and inspire vegan travellers, it will also allow the businesses that support these travellers to connect directly with people from all across the world.

“We want to continue to build a strong community of like-minded travellers. Together we share reviews, tips, places to avoid, resorts and hotels that already support vegan travellers plus the moments that changed us,” said McGregor.

The event isn’t just virtual because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“A virtual event opens the door to support vegan travellers all over the world and not just in North America,” added McGregor. “If we tried to host this in Canada, despite the fact that it is estimated that ten percent of the Canadian population identify as vegan, that number is closer to eight million globally. That is a huge number of travellers that have limited options when it comes to travel. The VTA is determined to change that.”

Registration is now open here and everyone is encouraged to get their free tickets before they are sold out.

The Vegan Travel Association (VTA) was created to support vegan travellers and vegan travel companies all over the world.

To contact the Vegan Travel Association, you can email them at vegantravelassociation@gmail.com or call 416.873.5093.

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