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PAX, European Travel Commission launch exclusive Europe travel portal for trade

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  •   03-08-2021  11:26 am
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PAX, European Travel Commission launch exclusive Europe travel portal for trade
Pax Global Media

The European Travel Commission (ETC), in partnership with Pax Global Media, has launched an exclusive landing page dedicated to the latest information (and inspiration) on European travel as the industry prepares for a global restart.

Click here to view the new portal!

While the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many to pause their travel plans, Europe is ready to offer a safe and unforgettable experience, as soon as travel is possible.

For travel agents, now is the time to start planning as Europe invites the curious to discover its cultural hubs, natural beauty and rich history.

Europe invites the creatively curious to Belgium. (ETC)

From inspiring videos to news articles to on-location Instagram stories to trade webinars, the portal features enriching content designed to help Canadian travel advisors, tour operators and wholesalers plan now and get clients travelling back to Europe soon.

ETC launches Canadian campaign 

The news website debuts on the same day that ETC launches a bilingual trade campaign in Canada.

ETC has planned numerous activities from March 8 until end of May to train travel agents and tour operators on the implementation of strict European safety protocols and the numerous new travel experiences for time when it’s right to travel again.

This campaign, which revolves around Europe’s history and ancestry (#HistoricallyCurious), creative cities (#CreativelyCurious), as well as its nature and great outdoors (#NaturallyCurious), is a key part of PAX and ETC’s portal. 

Europe invites the historically curious to Spain. (ETC)

Later this spring, ETC will follow-up with a major consumer campaign to inspire Canadians to visit Europe this summer or fall.

Meanwhile, ETC, in partnership with its member National Tourism Organizations (NTOs) is also working on the development of the “Europe Invites the Curious” global campaign which is” co-funded by the European Union.

“The goal of this Canada-specific campaign is to restore confidence and build a distinctive image of Europe as a desirable travel destination for Canadians,” said Miguel Gallego, ETC's Head of Marketing, in a release on Monday (March). “Our objective is to maintain the European travel market share and better disperse traveller flows in terms of geography and seasons, all the while considering aspirations for sustainability in tourism and its growth.”

“When the time is right, Europe looks forward to welcoming Canadians back to experience our pristine nature, creative cities and historic sites.”

Miguel Gallego, ETC's Head of Marketing. (ETC)

Canada ranks third among all out-of-region outbound travel markets for European destinations - 6.5 million travellers from Canada arrived in Europe in 2019 awed by Europe’s diversity of landscapes, history, culture and culinary experiences.

“During these challenging times, ETC wants to show its full commitment to support Canadian travel to Europe for when the time is right,” said Pascal Prinz, chair of the Canada chapter at ETC. “The pandemic has not stopped the love of Canadians for Europe. If anything, Canadians have missed Europe even more since the border closure last March.”

Pascal Prinz, chair of the Canada chapter at ETC. (ETC)

“Our aim is to show Canadians how Europe has worked hard to implement strict safety travel protocols and can’t wait to welcome visitors back.”

Travel agents and tour operators seeking information about current travel conditions in Europe are also advised to consult the portal

Ready to Experience Europe? Click here to view PAX and the ETC's new portal for Canada's travel trade! 

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