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France ends all COVID-19 entry restrictions for travellers

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  •   08-03-2022  3:51 pm
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France ends all COVID-19 entry restrictions for travellers
France has scrapped all of its remaining entry restrictions for travellers. (File photo)
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France is the latest country to scrap all of its remaining entry restrictions for travellers.

As of Aug. 1, all travellers, regardless of origin or vaccination status, have been able to enter the country without having to follow any COVID-related rules.

The decision was announced by the French Ministry of Interior, which says that travellers will no longer be required to present a vaccination, recovery, or test certificate upon their arrival.

In addition, all travellers will be able to enter France for all kinds of purposes without having to provide a reason to justify their visit.

“Faced with the new phase of the pandemic, the border health control system is lifted, in accordance with the law putting an end to the exceptional regimes created to fight against the epidemic linked to COVID-19. As a result, since August 1, 2022, the rules previously applied to travellers to France no longer apply,” reads a statement from the Ministry.

Travellers also no longer need to present a sworn declaration that they are not infected with COVID-19 and pledge to take an antigen test or biological exam upon arrival into France.

But there still “may be certain specific formalities to be completed in order to travel to foreign countries,” the Ministry noted on its website.

The changes apply to travel between metropolitan France and each of the French overseas territories.

The eased restrictions are also expected to help speed up border checks and reduce the administration tasks involved for holidays to France.

The French government, however, has warned that it could pull an “emergency brake” on the eased measures if a new variant of concern surfaces in the next six months that is “likely to constitute a serious health threat.”

“The government retains until 21 January 2023 the possibility of activating ‘emergency brake’ measures for a maximum period of two months, after consulting the high authority for health in the event of an appearance and circulation of a new variant of COVID-19 likely to constitute a serious health threat or, in overseas territories, in the event of a risk of saturation of the health system,” the Ministry said.

Mask-wearing, meanwhile, is no longer mandatory in French establishments open to the public, nor on board maritime, river, land and air transport in the region.

But both Eurostar and Air France, for example, continue to advise passengers to wear face masks while travelling.

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