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This Facebook marketing tool for agents can help drive bookings

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  •   03-03-2021  5:35 pm
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This Facebook marketing tool for agents can help drive bookings
BranchUp was developed specifically for travel advisors. (BranchUp)
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A free Facebook marketing tool for travel advisors is providing yet another way to use social media as a tool to drive bookings.

Vancouver-based BranchUp, which was developed specifically for travel advisors, is available in French, English and Spanish. 

“With travel expected to see a strong rebound, for late 2021 into 2022, it’s going to be more important than ever for travel advisors to use social media tools to market, strengthen their reputation and drive bookings,” the company says in a release.

BranchUp is backed by the experience and knowledge of industry expert Michael Drever, founder of Cruise Ship Centers prior to the successful sale of the business to Expedia. 

"BranchUp has been in operation for some time,” Drever says. “We wanted to make sure we were ready for a large-scale launch and be able to deliver an incredible social media marketing program, for travel advisors, which would enable them to reaffirm their status as relevant, tech-savvy professionals to their social media network.”

“We drive leads, and ultimately sales, directly into their inbox from their favourite suppliers for free.”

How it works

BranchUp creates a mix of editorial content and special offers that are posted daily to travel advisors’ Facebook Business pages.

The posts help agents avoid spending countless hours sourcing relevant content to share with their page, friends and followers.

Agents can edit the posts to include their wording or recommendations as well as the ability to control the posts, ensuring content is always on point with their business. 

When a friend or follower clicks on a post they are taken to a dynamic, co-branded landing page featuring all of the travel advisor’s contact information.

The friend or follower then deals directly with the travel advisor via an automatic email that contacts the advisor to learn more about the particular offer, allowing the travel advisor to engage the client.

All bookings are made directly with the supplier by the agent. 

Agents are invited to sign up for free at today at

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