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Expedia Group evaluating relationship with Canadian tour operators

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  •   07-13-2022  10:40 am
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Expedia Group evaluating relationship with Canadian tour operators
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The Expedia Group is looking at new ways to sell vacations on and one possible outcome could be removing all-inclusive trips that are packaged by Canadian tour operators from its inventory.

While Expedia has not yet 100 per cent confirmed this plan, the company says it is currently evaluating the “best way to deliver packages” sourced via third party tour operators. 

“The package marketplace is large and attractive,” reads a company statement obtained by PAX. “Expedia Group currently competes in this marketplace both by creating our own packages and by sourcing pre-bundled inventory from tour operators. Because pre-bundled inventory from tour operators is not sourced directly from Expedia Group supply partners, it may result in an inconsistent experience for our travellers.”

“For this reason, we are evaluating the best way to deliver packages sourced via third party tour operators on”

“As we’ve stated in previous earnings calls, any changes we are making to our organization are to sharpen our focus by doing fewer things and being great at them,” the company said. “We continue to assess and evolve our priorities and teams to focus efforts in the most valuable areas.”

In a follow-up statement, Expedia noted that the technical changes being evaluated will not impact relationships between tour operators and Expedia Cruises. 

"This is all we are sharing at this time, and it’s important to emphasize that the changes being evaluated to the All-Inclusive Vacations section on are part of our promise to put traveller experiences at the core of everything we do," Expedia told PAX

The development comes two months after Expedia Group debuted a three-tiered strategy to redefine its place in travel, including a new technology platform called Expedia Group Open World. 

Expedia Group Open World is a purpose-built program created for partners to leverage and configure products and services, boasting new features like an e-commerce suite.

The company has also invested in a “reimagined marketplace,” utilizing data signals, such as traveller reviews and customer service interactions, to drive brand visibility.

Additionally, Expedia has launched new features for travellers, such as Trip Boards, a “smart shopping” tool for comparing products and a price tracking feature that shows past and future trends.

Last year, Expedia Group announced that it would create a new unified loyalty program, called “One Key,” that brings together four different loyalty programs the company has under one umbrella.

This is a developing story.

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