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CBSA reminds travellers of the rules ahead of U.S.'s Nov. 8 reopening

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  •   11-04-2021  12:01 pm
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CBSA reminds travellers of the rules ahead of U.S.'s Nov. 8 reopening
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On November 8, the United States will begin allowing fully vaccinated Canadian travellers to enter through land and ferry ports of entry, for non-essential reasons, such as tourism.

As this date approaches, the Canada Border Services Agency is reminding travellers of the border measures and screening requirements that await them upon their return to Canada. 

Check before

The CBSA advises travellers to inform themselves and understand their obligations when planning their trip.

"Travellers should check if they are allowed to enter Canada and meet all entry requirements before going to the border," the agency said in a statement.

It adds that Canadian residents can check with their province or territory to obtain proof of COVID-19 vaccination to facilitate their return to Canada.

Pre-arrival molecular screening test

The CBSA also notes that fully vaccinated travellers coming to Canada must undergo the mandatory COVID-19 molecular test before their arrival.

They must also submit their mandatory information, including their digital proof of vaccination in English or French, using the free ArriveCAN tool (app or website) within 72 hours of arriving in Canada.

Trips less than 72 hours

For short trips of less than 72 hours, Canadian citizens (and certain other groups of travellers) are permitted to do their pre-arrival molecular testing before leaving Canada.

But if the test was done more than 72 hours before they returned to Canada, they will have to undergo a new pre-arrival molecular screening test in the United States, the CBSA says.

Unvaccinated or partially vaccinated travellers

As for those unvaccinated or partially vaccinated travellers who are authorized to enter Canada, they must continue to meet the requirements for molecular testing for COVID-19 before arrival, upon arrival and on the 8th day and quarantine for 14 days, says the CBSA.

On the other hand, questions about sanitary and entry requirements into the United States should be directed to the United States Customs and Border Protection , adds the CBSA.

Longer waiting time to be expected

It is warned that waiting times at points of entry could be longer for travellers due to public health measures.

"The CBSA will not put the health and safety of Canadians at risk by reducing wait times at the border," the agency said.  

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