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Canada Jetlines partners with Softvoyage ahead of 2022 launch

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  •   10-25-2021  2:25 pm
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Canada Jetlines partners with Softvoyage ahead of 2022 launch
(Canada Jetlines)
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New leisure carrier Canada Jetlines has elected Softvoyage to power and manage the selling of personalized travel and tourism packages, including hotels, attractions, air packages, and other ancillary travel services.

The Canadian-based travel technology company will be working with Jetlines to provide these varied services, along with distribution via the group’s far-reaching network, both on a business-to-business basis, along with business to consumer. 

“Softvoyage is the logical partner for many reasons including their capability to manage the complex business of packaging and selling ITC products, as well as distribution capabilities,” said Duncan Bureau, chief commercial officer for Jetlines. “We’re confident they are the right partner for us as we have an aggressive long-term plan that includes exponential growth and Softvoyage has the bandwidth to help us achieve our goals.”

Dan Langevin of SoftVoyage added: “Jetlines has very specific needs and requirements in order to grow into a large size airline and tour operator. Our interfaces, Business Intelligence tools, payload functionalities, accounting, and our distribution network, are exactly what the carrier is looking for in a travel technology partner. We are delighted to have been chosen by Jetlines and we look forward to having them available for sales within our network.”

With operations commencing in early 2022, Jetlines aims to provide convenient air travel options for consumers, along with more revenue streams for agents and tour operators. 

The airline will provide a guest centric experience from the first touchpoint, utilizing a state-of-the-art web booking platform, making the turnkey solution available to both tour operators and consumers. 

The 100 per cent equity financed carrier was developed in 2021 following the height of the pandemic and is "uniquely positioned in the Canadian market by offering more budget-friendly travel choices than competitors with direct-fly access to coveted sun-destinations throughout North America."

Jetlines has selected the A320 as its fleet standard, with a projected growth of 15 aircrafts by 2025. 

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