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After the fire: One year later, Notre Dame’s reopening remains unknown

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  •   04-15-2020  12:52 pm
  •   Christine Hogg

After the fire: One year later, Notre Dame’s reopening remains unknown
Image: UNESCO/Alexis Komenda
Christine Hogg

Wednesday, April 15th marks exactly one year since a devastating fire ravished one of Paris’ finest landmarks the Notre Dame Cathedral.

A designated UNECO World Heritage Site, the nearly 900-year old church was in the midst of a $6 million-dollar renovation before a fire engulfed the back of the building and spread to the roof, leading to the collapse of the 12th century cathedral’s iconic spire.

Damage from the fire left the Notre Dame almost unrecognizable from the back, and countless precious artifacts inside the church were never recovered. Immediately following the church’s collapse, millions of donations poured in from around the world to help restore the cathedral.

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According to UNESCO, emergency measures to secure the Notre Dame are still underway, and the first of several restoration phases is expected to be complete this summer. Last year during initial assessments, French president Emmanuel Macron vowed that the Notre Dame would be restored in five years.

Restoration to be completed by 2024?

The Globe and Mail reports that a full restoration to the historic cathedral was expected to be completed by 2024 (when Paris will host the Summer Olympics), but unfortunately, construction efforts have been paused due to lockdown restrictions in Paris surrounding COVID-19.

French officials continue to assess the damage and work on future restoration plans, however, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there is no way of knowing for sure when the cathedral will be fully restored

As it stands, all public places, parks and gardens in Paris are currently closed to the public until April 15th 2020, says Paris’ Convention and Visitors Bureau website

Other major attractions, including the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, and Versailles have been closed as of early March until further notice.

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