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Save the date: May 1

PAX Magazine to make its way to agencies & suppliers across Canada at that time
04-02-2014  By: Marie Klaude Gagnon
!!! Save the date: May 1!

Mark your calendars – on May 1, Logimonde Media will publish the first edition of PAX magazine, the newest print publication to reach the travel industry in Canada.

Produced for each of you – professionals who work in the industry – the magazine will have an airy and attractive design on top-quality material.

The content of its 60 pages have been produced with a specific purpose in mind: to provide information that will prove useful to both travel managers and advisors. You will find profiles of travel professionals that stand out, a series of columns on various aspects of business management & professional development, a look at industry technology, and, of course, destination insight.

Save the date: May 1

But, why a new print magazine in a time when the traditional media landscape is shifting online? Well, our readers and clients are constantly asking us why not - there is something beneficial that comes from having something tangible to read. So in response, we've decided to tap into that demand with a unique approach, for a few reasons:

- With PAX, we wanted to round-out our range of products for the travel industry, which already consists of three e-zines (, and, our QuickPresse e-distribution promotions service, and an event management platform (

- The content of PAX will have a lasting shelf life with content looking behind the scenes of the travel industry and the people who make the industry run

- And quite honestly, having a publication such as PAX has been dream of ours for a long time

Save the date: May 1

PAX magazine will be published once a month, except during the Christmas season (one issue for December and January) and during the summer holidays (one issue for July and August), for a total of 10-times annually.

It will be published in both English and French, though neither will be a translation of the other; different content is being prepared by the editorial teams of our offices in Toronto and Vancouver for the English edition, and that of Montreal for the French edition. 

One  will be sent by mail to all owners and managers of the distribution network, and councilors are invited to order their copies subscribing for a very low cost ($49.50 for one year).

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