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Florida Keys Sends Warm Messages To Toronto Commuters

Campaign overtakes Union Station, with the goal of increasing brand awareness in YYZ
02-03-2014  By: Terrilyn Kunopaski
!!! Florida Keys Send Warm Messages To Toronto Commuters
Scenes of warmer weather and relaxation took over Toronto last month thanks to a tourism campaign by the Florida Keys.

A transit station campaign, which evolved out of a similar event in New York City's Penn Station last year and the year prior, was noticed throughout Union Station, where more than 100 different creative executions dominated floors, doors, walls and digital screens.

"Nowhere does the spirit of 'live and let live' express itself so eloquently as it does here," said John Underwood of Tinsley Advertising, the ad agency for the Florida Keys & Key West tourism council.

"It is evident in our people, accommodations and attractions. We appeal to the divers, fisherman, gourmets, art lovers and those seeking luxury or funky vibe to those seeking an escape to relax. Our campaign concentrates on just that - our unique activities, natural wonders and local seafood, and the local characters that make up our island chain."

John Underwood, Tinsley Advertising
Some messaging of the campaign was specifically targeted, with ad headlines such as "More fights than a Maple Leafs-Canadiens (hockey) game" at the top of a photograph showing an angler casting in the Keys backcountry.

"There was no retail or tactical message that would create a sense of urgency," Underwood explained. "Our campaign is primarily to keep The Florida Keys top of mind; especially during cold/winter months."

Throughout January, campaign efforts were expected to reach more than five million people in Toronto.

Canada is The Florida Keys & Key West's number one international market. In fact, according to the Monroe County TDC, about seven per cent of the destination's total over-night visitation comes from Canada.

!!! Florida Keys Send Warm Messages To Toronto Commuters
Underwood said it's still too soon to tell what impact the campaign had on tourism numbers, though the main goal was brand awareness.

January through April is the main time of year for Florida Keys to focus on attracting Canadian travellers, and though the month-long campaign has since come to an end, magazine, digital and television as well as a dedicated public relations and sales efforts will continue.

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