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Introducing A New Strategy For Tourism To Italy

ExpertsITALIA, ENIT host trade event for partners to meet the new CTCPI
01-23-2014  By: Terrilyn Kunopaski
Karin Micheelsen, national marketing manager, Trafalgar; Salvatore Basile, accounting-press, ENIT; Stephanie Bishop, managing director - Canada, Globus family of brands; Robert Zuzek, president, KompasExpres, ExpertsITALIA; Aggie 
Karin Micheelsen, national marketing manager, Trafalgar; Salvatore Basile, accounting-press, ENIT; Stéphanie Bishop, managing director - Canada, Globus family of brands; Robert Zuzek, president, Kompas Express, ExpertsITALIA; Aggie Stoduto, product manager, ALBATours; Eric Bacon, regional sales manager, Rail Europe; Carla Brake, VP sales - Canada, Insight Vacations; & Eugenio Magnani, director - North America, ENIT

Eugenio Magnani smiled and crossed his fingers when asked if he expects to see an increase in Canadian arrivals to Italy this year. 

As the director of North America for the Italian Tourist Board (ENIT), he has high hopes for this market, despite the ever-more competitive tourism landscape.

Part of this optimism stems from a new strategy for the Canadian Travel Council Promoting Italy (CTCPI), which is now going by 'ExpertsITALIA.'

While the registered name remains the same, the new title will be used for all promotional activities in an effort to create brand consistency in English and French Canada, as well as in Italy.

Travel partners joined the organizations for a soirée in Toronto last evening to meet the new ExpertsITALIA and network with members.

"We believe this will have a great future impact on the promotion of Italy in Canada," Robert Zuzek, president of ExpertsITALIA and Kompas Express said in a presentation. "In two words, it describes what we are; the members are experts in Italy."

These members currently include ALBATours, Contiki, Globus family of brands, Insight Vacations, Kompas Express, Rail Europe and Trafalgar Tours, which combined are responsible for transporting more than 100,000 travellers to Italy each year.

The structure then is unique, Zuzek acknowledged, as ExpertsITALIA is an association of competitors.

"It is unusual to see this in any industry, let alone the travel industry," he admitted, but said, "We all work in perfect synch."

"Instead of being competitors with each other, they work together," Magnani explained. "They will become stronger by using the specialties of everyone. They can benefit from the strength of the brand ITALIA."

CTCPI was established in 2006, so it has a history of working within the Canadian market, between promotional activities and events. ExpertsITALIA will continue to work in partnership with ENIT for projects and campaigns designed to encourage travel to Italy.

"I believe that the co-marketing partnership we have with the Italian Tourist Board is a model which requires special relevance today given the challenging economic crisis in Europe," Zuzek said. "Cooperation between the public and private sectors pools resources and assets, demonstrates leadership and commitment, establishes a professional conduct in the marketplace, and overall, it is a win-win solution for all parties involved."

Zuzek explained that as ENIT benefits from the commercial experience of members, members benefit from being at the forefront of ENIT's promotional efforts.

"The work ahead is not easy for us, however, creating one strong point of reference buys opportunity."

ExpertsITALIA is currently seeking interest from other tour operators, airlines or wholesalers with particular interest in Italy who might be interested in joining the organization.

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