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GM Tours Offers Tour With Award-Winning Photographer

Canadian photographer Mark Zelinski will host a photography tour of India and Bhutan
10-04-2013  By: Zachary-Cy Vanasse
Mark Zelinski, photographer & Sally Mikhail, general manager, GM Tours
Mark Zelinski, photographer & Sally Mikhail, general manager, GM Tours
For more than 30 years photographer Mark Zelinski has travelled the world documenting moments and people across all seven continents and through more than 80 countries.

In 2010, he launched his "Books That Heal" initiative, donating some 7,000 copies of this three new photography books to more than 80 children's charities worldwide.

On Thursday, Zelinski presented his books to four more charities, UNICEF Canada, Street Kids International, Herbert H. Carnegie Future Aces Foundation, and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Toronto, at the Indigo bookstore at Bay and Bloor in Toronto.

During his presentation, the Canadian Governor General's Medal winner presented some of his work to those in attendance for the donation and gave a glimpse into the kind of photographs he has taken throughout his career.

From landscapes to people, Zelinski's pictures tell an international story that seems to both demonstrate the grand diversity of the people and places across our planet and the many shared similarities between us all.

"He presented his work to us and we knew about his charity work and it fit with our philosophy," explained Sally Mikhail, general manager, GM Tours, for which Zelinski will be hosting a photography tour of India and Bhutan next April.

During the tour, Zelinski will give workshops and share his expertise in cultural, travel, landscape and wildlife photography throughout the journey, as well as offer some insight into experiencing and engaging with international cultures.

"I've travelled to about 80 counties in my life and my specialty is taking cultural portraits," Zelinski told THN. "A lot of people have trouble photographing people and I've managed to figure out how to do that pretty well. So I'm going to try to coach people on how to do that. Especially for people that don't speak the same language... But also some composition, lighting, colour."

In addition to the workshops and tips Zelinski will provide throughout the two week tour, he will also offer a few workshops before and after the trip to prepare travellers and then go through and share photos as well as award prizes.

The photography tour "Essential India and Bhutan" departs April 3 and runs to April 16.

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