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While continuing with Dubai stopover program, president of Kompas says more plans & destinations are in the works
03-07-2012  By: Terrilyn Kunopaski

Robert Zuzek, president, Kompas Express
Robert Zuzek, president, Kompas Express
After launching a Dubai stopover program last June with Emirates Airlines, business at Kompas Express has been booming.

Robert Zuzek, president of Kompas, recently sat down with to discuss the program and what doors it has opened for his business.

“In terms of the Emirates program, we have exceeded all expectations,” Zuzek said. “Sales have gone through the roof.”

By establishing good contacts with the immigration department in Dubai, Zuzek said it has eased their ability to process visas, something that is very much in demand here in Canada. Kompas is the only entity in Canada to provide that particular service on behalf of Emirates, and Zuzek admits it has brought the company many new clients.

Furthermore, “the product they are offering in Dubai for which we are representatives in Canada is a quality product so it sells well,” he added.

While initially Kompas’s focus with Emirates was on serving passengers going through the Toronto route, the launch of a Seattle route to Dubai on March 1, 2012 means added business for Kompas as well.

Zuzek said that the new gateway is allowing Kompas to more actively engage with Canadian agents and travellers from across the country, especially in regions such as Kelowna, Vancouver and Calgary. One selling point for Western Canadians is that flying from Seattle is a mere two hours longer than flying from Toronto, so for that reason in addition to others, it is being well-received.

Now with a focus on expanding product, Zuzek said the company is anticipating the launch of other niche products under the Kompas banner utilizing Emirates to Southeast Asia, although it is yet to be confirmed. Should all avenues be successful, the plan is to launch a Vietnam program by May 1; this will be Kompas’s first time entering into Asia.

“We are going to be doing a Vietnam program that will be encompassing all that Vietnam has to offer, not just a standard program,” he explained. This will include beach stays, boat cruises and cycling adventures, to name a few.

Six months following, Zuzek said two more unique Asia destinations will be introduced and from there, the product will continue to grow.

Another initiative Kompas is working on with plans to use the services of Emirates is wedding and honeymoons in the Seychelles and in the Maldives. Connecting through Dubai, the packages are expected to involve a two-day stay in the city.

Zuzek could not divulge what other destinations Canadians can expect to see offered through his company going forward but one thing is for sure: big things can be anticipated from Kompas in the coming years.