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The company celebrates its 20th anniversary with a new logo and the promise of big surprises for 2012

Over the course of the coming months, a new logo will be found on all Logimonde inc’s publications. This stems from the fact that 2012 marks an important milestone for the publishing company behind, and its 20th anniversary.

Founded by Uguette Chiasson in 1992, Logimonde launched its first travel industry targeted publication: the French-language “l’ABC du voyage” (The ABCs of Travel).  Today, 45,583 Canadian travel industry professionals receive at least one of the three daily online magazines published by Logimonde while 31,062 travel agents subscribe to, the promotional e-mail and tour operator messaging service; this is the story of a successful company.

Uguette Chiasson, president & founder, Logimonde
Before she founded Logimonde, Chiasson had already established herself in the publishing industry. In 1986 she published a business magazine that sent out 35,000 copies monthly. This earned her the distinction, amongst others, of being named one of the rising stars in the communications field by Info-Presse magazine and she was chosen as “Personality of the Week” in the Journal de Montreal.

After founding Logimonde in 1992, she began publishing travel agency guide books: l’ABC du voyage and the Répertoire des destinations soleil (The Sun Destination Index). It was only in 1998 that Chiasson launched a magazine: Allo Voyage.

“It was a magazine published on good old fashioned paper and was faxed to agencies,” explained Chiasson. “But at the end of the 1990s, we were witnessing a growth of the Internet and I was convinced that this medium was going to become the main means of communication in the imminent future.”

In 2002, Logimonde shed its paper skin and transformed its role to be online. Allo Voyage’s name was changed to

Based on the nearly instantaneous success of the magazine in its new format, Chiasson decided to orchestrate an expansion in the English market. In June of 2004, she launched and three years later she began publishing another daily for the west coast of Canada,

Today, the three online magazines have become the most read in the industry. has 12,186 subscribers, the vast majority of which are in Quebec. is read by 25,651 people every day across Canada and 8,016 electronic copies of go out to Western Canadian travel professionals. The subscriber numbers have been audited by the firm Samson Bélair/Deloitte & Touche. Logimonde’s publications are the only online industry-based publications whose subscriber numbers have been audited, as has the subscription list for the
e-blast service which allows tour operators, airlines and other suppliers to keep Canadian travel professionals in the know about their products and services.

And what’s more, the Logimonde websites serve as invaluable tools for travel industry professionals. Job opportunities, comprehensive FAM tour lists, a wide range of brochures, contact lists for Canadian travel agencies, an event calendar and a list of upcoming webinars can all be found across Logimonde’s websites. All these sections aim to assist travel professionals in their work, a mission of Logimonde’s three magazines.

On top of that, Logimonde also publishes EXTRA Europe and EXTRA Sun Destinations annually. These e-magazines serve as the most comprehensive outline of these destinations by addressing every facet of travel, allowing agents to put together the perfect getaway for their clients. The EXTRAs are also available at all times on the EXTRA section of the three magazines.

In 2011, Logimonde continued its expansion in launching, a turnkey event registration system for
product launches, presentations, seminars, conferences, exhibitions and more.

Marie-Klaude Gagnon, associate publisher of and general manager, Logimonde
Terrilyn Kunopaski, office manager in Toronto and editor-in-chief, &
Twenty years after its creation, Logimonde employs 12 full-time staff member across its three offices in Canada’s largest cities: Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. Marie-Klaude Gagnon, associate publisher and general manager, is in charge of the Montreal office.

In Toronto, office management duties belong to Terrilyn Kunopaski, who serves as editor-in-chief for and And in Vancouver, Amanda Stutt serves as editor for the

20 Years of Happiness

Amanda Stutt, office manager in Vancouver and editor,
“These past 20 years have flown by, because the events we cover as new media keeps us in contact an exciting and professional industry on a daily basis. It’s a pleasure to work in the travel industry,” said Chiasson.

In order to celebrate its 20th anniversary, Logimonde has adopted a new logo with the slogan: 20 Years of Happiness. The stars symbolize the company’s success throughout the years and their respective colours come from the logos of the three magazines:, and

Logimonde 2012: Three parties (Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver), a print magazine and a corporate website

Furthermore, as part of its 20th anniversary, Logimonde promises a host of surprises, including celebratory parties in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver as well as contests. But what will really attract attention in 2012 will undoubtedly be the return of Logimonde to the print world.
The company will launch a print magazine to be distributed monthly in English and in French.

“It won’t be a news magazine or a destination magazine. The content will be for travel professionals,” explained Chiasson. “It will be of superior quality supported by, amongst other thing, excellent visual content.”

Moreover, in the near future Logimonde will launch its own corporate website at where you will be able to find each of the company’s products in well-defined terms.

There is no shortage of projects on the way as the company continues to move forward beyond the past 20 years. Another busy year awaits for Logimonde and the team and we aren’t done surprising you.