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Handa Travel sends out release in advance of TICO AGM on Sept. 24; aims to propose several changes at AGM

The TICO Annual General Meeting will be taking place this Thursday, Sept. 24, 2009 and Handa Travel is speaking out.

The Ottawa-based travel agency sent out a release yesterday calling on travel agents to attend the TICO AGM and help Handa Travel support a number of changes they will be proposing.

The release, written by Inder J. Handa, reads:

I have always made a point to raise issues which concern travel agents to TICO and ACTA.  At the 2008 TICO AGM, with the support of many, we were able to pass the resolution to have the enquiry into the failure of One Step Travel, a closure which has cost us over 1 million dollars.

ACTA appointees voted against this motion in 2008, and now at the 2009 TICO AGM, ACTA is supporting the reduction of the elected board members. This is unacceptable.  Why should travel agents who are paying for a large portion of TICO's funds have less of a say?  Sometimes I wonder why I am still an ACTA member.  They seem to be too busy with their fight with ARTA and have lost sight of travel agents' interests.
At the 2009 TICO AGM I will be voting against reducing travel agent representation on the TICO board of directors.
We will be proposing and supporting the following:
1. Ontario should adopt the Quebec model in which the consumer (user) pays into the compensation fund.

2. Until the Quebec model is adopted, travel agents should elect the majority of the TICO board, we should move towards all members being elected.

3. The TICO AGM should be available to all the members, without the requirement to be present in Toronto on a weekday afternoon. I have seen years of decisions being made at AGMs with little or no input from travel agents because they are not able to attend.

4. Travel agent commissions should be protected by the compensation fund in the event of a failure.
If TICO prevents us from voting on the changes we want, we can still show the will of the travel community.

Agents can download a proxy form by clicking here. Once filled out, agents are requested to fax their proxy form to 1-866-800-6950 or email it to before 3 p.m. on Tuesday September 22, 2009.