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WOW Air is back, but it won't be managed from Iceland anymore

WOW Air is back, but it won't be managed from Iceland anymore
Christine Hogg

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Not all good things must come to an end.

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At least in the case of WOW Air, everyone's former favourite magenta-coloured, low-cost Icelandic airline that prided itself on offering unheard of deals on airfare across Europe, as well as the unique opportunities to explore multiple European countries via its complimentary stopover program.

On Mar. 28, 2019, hundreds of passengers were left stranded after the carrier abruptly announced that it has ceased operation and cancelled all flights. Few details emerged on why the company collapsed, though WOW Air was saddled with debt and actively seeking a buyer, after a deal to be purchased by Icelandair fell through back in November 2018.

But now, WOW Air is back, and so are its cheap flights to Iceland and Europe—after an American aviation company expressed interest in giving the low-cost carrier another chance.

An American revolution?

According to several reports, at a press conference in Reykjavik on Sept. 6, it was announced that an American aviation company, USAerospace Associates, has plans to breathe new life into the now defunct airline.

According to Matador Network, the news was revealed by Michelle Ballarin, chair of USAerospace Associates, who says that the organization has taken over WOW Air's operations, and has plans to relaunch it out of Washington, D.C. via Dulles Airport. The airline will keep its original name.

Iceland Review reports that WOW Air hopes to start flying between Iceland and Washington as early as next month, though nothing is yet confirmed. The new WOW Air will operate two planes to start, but will soon increase its fleet to four, and hopes to be using anywhere from 10 to 12 planes by next summer. 

No word yet on how, and if the airline will be able to keep its notoriously low fares, with new operations in North America.

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