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WestJet stands out from the herd with funny new video campaign

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  •   10-21-2019  8:54 am

WestJet stands out from the herd with funny new video campaign

Every traveller knows how it feels to be treated like a herd of cattle in the airport.

With so many people scrambling through the terminals, when a delay hits, or an unexpected bump in your travel plans occurs, it can seem like airport staff treat everybody the same, ignoring your questions in favour of directing you through the same line as everybody else with a monotone voice.

WestJet always strives to do things differently, and always wants to treat its guests like people, which is the main message behind its funny new advertising campaign, which features a bunch of fed-up cows parading around the airport.

The campaign focuses on WestJet's guest service, its promise of no overbooking and the importance of being on time. It reaffirms the airline's continued commitment to making air travel something its guests not only enjoy but look forward to.

"We want the travelling public to know that as we become a global network carrier, we will never lose sight of the caring WestJet touch," said Richard Bartrem, WestJet vice-president marketing communications. "Travel can be unpredictable and this campaign represents how we will always try to put ourselves in our guests shoes by delivering the caring guest experience that has made WestJet stand out from the herd."

Watch the video below!

A behind-the-scenes video of the campaign can be viewed here.

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