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VIDEO: WestJet welcomes rusty travellers back to skies in action-packed brand spot

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  •   10-05-2021  3:17 pm
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VIDEO: WestJet welcomes rusty travellers back to skies in action-packed brand spot
A scene from WestJet's newest brand spot "Escape."
Pax Global Media

A high-stakes heist, an adrenaline-filled sprint, a getaway this a new Liam Neeson action movie? 

No, it's WestJet's latest brand spot, "Escape," which acknowledges that Canadians are travelling again and, as a travellers, they might be a little out of practice. 

But WestJet is ready to welcome people back.

The new promo opens with all the action-packed elements mentioned above, but as the story unfolds, it’s not what the frenzied, out-of-travel-practice quartet is running from. 

A high-stakes heist, an adrenaline-filled sprint, and a getaway car appear in WestJet's action-packed promo. (WestJet)

But rather, it's what they’re running to, that leads to a humorous misdirect in which a caring WestJetter saves the day.

“Escape is all about celebrating our WestJetters as the true agents of care and connection for our guests,” said Mariam Wilton, WestJet’s brand manager. “Many of our guests haven’t travelled since the onset of the pandemic and can relate to being out of travel practice. We wanted to playfully remind guests that when they fly with us, our WestJetters will be here to make travel better so that they can love where they’re going."

Aaron Starkman, chief creative officer and creative director at creative agency Rethink, added:  “It’s exciting to travel again, and Escape captures that relatable feeling. Heading to the airport can feel high stakes when you’re out of practice and this spot shows travellers that WestJet is ready to make them feel at ease.”

A caring WestJetter saves the day in WestJet's new brand spot. (WestJet)

To further support Canadians as they return to travel, WestJet’s Travel Ready video series highlights what guests can expect throughout their journey and how WestJet is putting their Safety Above All.

Escape was shot across two days by LA-based director Leigh Marling and Animals Production in Toronto. 

The spot was split between the downtown core and Lester B. Pearson Airport. Post-production was provided by Saints Editorial, Alter Ego, and Vapor Music.

Watch WestJet's new brand spot here! 

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