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VIDEO: WestJet releases new brand campaign & it’s a tearjerker (in a good way)

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  •   06-24-2021  12:17 pm
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VIDEO: WestJet releases new brand campaign & it’s a tearjerker (in a good way)
Pax Global Media

WestJet’s latest brand campaign is out and you might wanna have a Kleenex box nearby. 

The video, released on June 24, tells the story of a newly-vaccinated grandparent travelling across the country to meet his granddaughter, Victoria, for the first time.

The sentimental tale sets out to remind Canadians that WestJet is an airline that is "committed to caring for its guests," while "truly embodying the brand's platform of Love Where You’re Going,” reads a release. 

“As we conceptualized the new campaign, we thought about our guests, how each flight carries them to life events, and the role we play in their journeys on their way to reunions, weddings, and the important events we’ve all missed during COVID-19,” said Rob Daintree, WestJet’s director of marketing communications. “With a 25-year history of care, there's nothing more exciting than uniting our guests with their loved ones and the places they’ve missed. That’s where we drew our inspiration.”

The video is the first brand campaign that WestJet has launched since the onset of COVID-19. And cast for the spot were five long-standing WestJetters.

“WestJetters demonstrate their caring spirit each day, especially over the last 17 months, and they truly connect with our guests as they support them along their journey,” said Daintree.

The video adds to other viral hits from WestJet, such as its Christmas Miracle and April Fool’s videos, which can be viewed on the airline’s YouTube channel.

Watch WestJet’s new video here!

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