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VIDEO: Air Canada launches Coast-to-Coast Flight Pass

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  •   07-01-2021  6:48 pm
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VIDEO: Air Canada launches Coast-to-Coast Flight Pass
Pax Global Media

Air Canada has launched a Coast-to-Coast Flight Pass, a flexible pre-paid package of one-way flights, available for purchase until July 27, 2021.  

Packages available include four, eight or twenty-credit passes valid for one, two or five travellers. 

The pass is good for travel until July 27, 2022, which opens up plenty of opportunities to explore Canada this year and next. 

The pass is rooted in flexibility: passholders are able to book, change, or cancel their flight up to one hour prior to departure. 

One condition is that customers must be an Aeroplan Member to purchase and travel using flight pass credits. 

"Whether you’re looking to discover a Canadian destination you haven’t seen before, or to reconnect with friends and family when the time is right, the Coast-to-Coast Flight Pass is made for you," Air Canada says on its website

Click here for more info. 

Here's a video that explains how the Coast-to-Coast Flight Pass works: 

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