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Turkish Airlines welcomes new GM in Montreal

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  •   05-07-2019  4:27 pm

Turkish Airlines welcomes new GM in Montreal

Turkish Airlines flies to more countries than any other airline, with 308 destinations in 124 countries.

"We are proud to be the first choice for many travellers here in Canada, said Cem Tanburaci, general manager, Montreal, Turkish Airlines. "Canadians, especially those from Quebec, like to travel and we aim to offer them the best offer to travel to Turkey and beyond."

In addition to Turkish Airlines' integrated marketing efforts in support of brand recognition, the airline aims to develop its community involvement, whether through charitable work or as a partner in cultural events related to the arts, music, or sporting events across Canada.

A milestone in Montreal

Turkish Airlines has been operating in Toronto for 10 years, and in Montreal for five years.

To mark the milestones in both major Canadian cities, a partnership with FC Toronto and Golf Quebec was recently announced by the company earlier this year.

"Within this scope, we are grateful for the interest and trust  from our Canadian guests and from those within our company," Tanburaci said.

Turkish Airlines is reporting an average load factor of 90 per cent for the 2018 year. Istanbul's new airport is expected to play a key role in offering cutting edge technology for a seamless travel experience for the airline's guests.

Exploring Turkey

Turkey has many diverse landscapes and natural beauty, with archeological sites in G√∂beklitepe that date back to 12,000 years. Cappadocia is another beautiful spot, with incredible rock formations, cave houses and hot air balloons. 

Ephesus and Troy are other examples, as are Antalya, Bodrum or Marmaris, where travellers will enjoy the seaside.

"Istanbul is a geographic hub that is naturally fascinating to people," Tanburaci said. "The city reveals ancient historical sites, breathtaking landscapes and is, at the same time, a contemporary and trend-setting metropolis offering attractive economic and business opportunities."

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