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Turkish Airlines: uninterrupted internet experience with “Gate to Gate” System

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  •   06-03-2022  10:27 am
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Turkish Airlines: uninterrupted internet experience with “Gate to Gate” System
Pax Global Media

Aiming to provide a travel experience beyond passenger expectations, Turkish Airlines is strengthening its internet service provided on its aircraft.

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Providing internet service above the clouds since 2011, Turkish Airlines will extend this service, which used to be activated only when the aircraft was above 10,000 feet, to now be an uninterrupted service that starts right as the aircraft doors are closed and continue until they are opened at the destination, making it a ‘Gate to Gate’ internet service.


On the new technology, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Bolat, Turkish Airlines Chairman of the Board and the Executive Committee,  stated:

“We are happy to extend our internet coverage area as the airline that flies to more countries than any other and provides the greatest coverage of international connections. We will continue to work on new technologies to provide the best of the virtual world just like we do with the real one.”

The ‘Gate to Gate’ service will begin in a total of 131 aircraft, 74 narrow-body, and 57 wide-body, which started in May 2022.

Turkish Airlines reported that it will extend this service to other aircraft that provide internet in its fleet in stages over time.

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