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Transat adds direct flights, tours & packages to Copenhagen from Montreal

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  •   02-11-2020  9:02 am

Transat adds direct flights, tours & packages to Copenhagen from Montreal

Transat is now offering two direct flights per week out of Montreal to Copenhagen, along with a selection of guided tours, packages and cruises that highlight Nordic splendours. 

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To help travellers see the best of Scandinavia, Transat has put together the following packages: 

Viking Route in Denmark & Swedenguided tour; 14 days in the two countries including air travel, transfers, accommodations, coach and ferry transport, and the services of an experienced guide, plus all the highlights of some of the city's must-visit spots. 

Denmark's Highlights: focuses on Denmark's cultural heritage includes a stop at the ARoS modern art museum in Aarhus, and a chance to follow in the footsteps of Hans Christian Andersen in the town of Odense, the Little Mermaid author's picturesque birthplace. 

Capitals of the Northa trio of urban expeditions; explore Oslo fjord by kayak, marvel at the underground art gallery of Stockholm's subway, and indulge in Nordic cuisine at Copenhagen's hippest wine bars.

Transat is also offering two multi-city packages lasting nine or 11 days. Each features three destinations and zero hassles for travellers: they'll be free to explore the essentials of Scandinavia at their own pace, but with no worries when it comes to planning, since their itinerary, transportation and accommodations are all taken care of.

Transat also has a wide range of accommodations and car rental options for travellers who would rather explore Scandinavia at their leisure.

Group cruises

Groups of 10 passengers or more will love the cruise offering from Transat and its exclusive partners, with four packages exploring Baltic and Scandinavian coastal attractions to choose from, all sailing from Copenhagen.

Russia's glorious palaces, the little-known historic centres of Estonia, the magnificent natural features of Norway's coast, the cosmopolitan German cities, and the architectural marvels of Finland are just a few of the many sights that are sure to dazzle travellers.

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