Swoop has a seat sale today for its new U.S flights

Swoop has a seat sale today for its new U.S flights

Swoop has officially announced that it will begin to offer flights to the U.S.

"Swoop is proud to be the first Canadian ULCC to offer very affordable air travel to popular fun and sun destinations in the U.S," Karen McIssac, senior advisor, communications, Swoop, told PAX. "We’ve often spoken of the estimated five million Canadians who drive across the border to fly on ULCCs, and this announcement shows Canadians our commitment to providing ultra-low-cost travel to Canadians in their home country and beyond."

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Service schedule

One-way sale fares starting as low as $99 CAD including taxes and fees are now available Oct. 11, 2018 through to Apr. 27, 2019. The schedule includes routes from Edmonton to Las Vegas and Mesa; Hamilton to Las Vegas, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando and Tampa Bay; and Abbotsford to Las Vegas.

The following are a list of U.S. routes with their frequency and launch dates:


To celebrate this important milestone, Swoop will be offering a web-only seat sale beginning on August 2, 2018.


"We prefer to operate out of secondary airports, to keep our costs low, but also need to balance popular destinations with high demand that do not have neighbouring airports as options," McIssac explained. " Las Vegas and Mesa (Phoenix) are perfect examples of this balance."

A competitive edge

According to McIssac, the launch of Swoop's new U.S routes is a direct response to Canadian passenger demands.

"Being the first Canadian ULCC to offer service across the border, we are really paving our own way," McIssac said. "We’re launching routes and services to places where we believe that people want to fly."

Swoop will continue to offer fully unbundled products and services, charging only for the seat.

The traveller can then select to purchase extras to customize their experience, in the same way as on Swoop's domestic routes. The fees vary depending on when the purchase is made, for example, at the time of booking it would be less expensive to purchase a carry-on bag than at check in or the gate.

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