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SWISS trials the IATA Travel Pass

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  •   05-03-2021  7:45 am
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SWISS trials the IATA Travel Pass
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Since April 22, Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) has been trailing the IATA Travel Pass, an app-based digital health passport, making it the first airline in the Lufthansa Group to do so.

“This is an important new step so that it is again possible to travel easily and with confidence during the pandemic,” states SWISS, specifying that it has been testing other solutions, too, since mid-March.

SWISS, recently, has been testing IATA’s new app on its Zurich – London (Heathrow) service.

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The “IATA Travel Pass,” announced in November 2020, allows authorized labs to securely send test results or vaccination certificates to passengers, who can also store a digital version of their passport and input flight details to learn of travel restrictions in destinations.

“This will enable them to provide airlines and authorities with proof that they meet the entry requirements without having to disclose personal health information, which will facilitate and speed up processes at airports,” the airline says.

The app complies with the strictest data protection guidelines, says SWISS.

The “IATA Travel Pass" allows authorized labs to securely send test results or vaccination certificates to passengers. (IATA)

“Health information remains in the application and is neither centralized nor transmitted. Passengers retain full control of their data,” the company says. 

The IATA Travel Pass is already accepted in Singapore as a method of showing proof of health. 

SWISS studies other solutions

“Digital health passports, such as the IATA Travel Pass, are a valuable instrument for reconciling health protection and the freedom to travel,” says Dieter Vranckx, CEO of SWISS.

Mr. Vranckx adds that SWISS considers it essential to adopt an internationally recognized and standardized methodology for digital certification of testing and vaccination.

However, in addition to the IATA Travel Pass, SWISS is also exploring the use of other digital solutions such as the EU Green Pass (digital green certificate) and CommonPass – another app that validates a traveller’s negative PCR test or vaccination records.

As part of a trial, SWISS passengers have been able to upload their proof of testing on swiss.com up to 12 hours before departure on Newark (USA) - Zurich route (from mid-March) as well as between Zurich and Spain or Portugal (since early April).

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