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Sunwing's cadet program taking flight again

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  •   02-24-2017  9:13 am

Sunwing's cadet program taking flight again
Captain John Hudson and First Officer Chelsea Anne Edwards

Sunwing Airlines has renewed its cadet program with the University of Waterloo, to recommence this July.

Established last year, the degree program resulted in the successful hire of four graduates as First Officers by Sunwing Airlines in July 2016.

Conceived in partnership with the University of Waterloo, just under a third of the degree requirements are focused on the aviation component which is delivered by Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre. Overall, the program enables graduates to develop strong skills in time management, critical thinking, professionalism, technology, leadership and interpersonal skills that are essential on a flight deck. Graduates complete their degrees with strong academic qualifications in addition to flight skills. The workload of the university courses undertaken and the flight training is equivalent to a double major.

Once licensed to fly the 737-800 aircraft, the graduates follow Sunwing Airlines’ continuous program of line indoctrination for approximately 200 flying hours and also receive mentoring to ensure that they achieve their career goals. During the 2016/2017 academic year, the airline also partnered with Seneca College on a similar program and was able to hire two cadets as a result of the partnership; which will also be renewed for the coming academic year.