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Sunwing anticipates return to “near normal” operations by Tuesday

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  •   11-07-2022  6:09 am
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Sunwing anticipates return to “near normal” operations by Tuesday
Pax Global Media

After a turbulent week of flight disruptions caused by a cyber attack on its third-party provider, Sunwing is anticipating a return to “near normal” operations by Tuesday (Nov. 8).

In an update posted Sunday (Nov. 6), the Toronto-based tour operator wrote that it has recovered its ability to file flight plans and dispatch flights.

“However, the logistics of doing so took time as we navigated the various complexities of flight recovery with all those involved in all the destinations we operate from,” the company wrote.

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“The various operationally restrictive weather patterns added further complications but we continue to proactively mitigate the effects of foreseeable challenges to our scheduled recovery plan and react to new unforeseen challenges as they occur.”

Sunwing's Nov. 2 outage was linked to a Boeing-owned company called Jeppesen, which offers navigational information, operations planning tools, flight planning products and software.

The cyber incident, which affected Jeppesen’s flight planning products and services, was confirmed by Boeing spokesman Yukui Wang on Friday.

At the time, Wang told media that he had no reason to believe the incident posed a threat to aircraft or flight safety.

As of early Monday morning, Jeppesen still had a red banner posted to its corporate website, confirming the disruption.

“We are working to restore functionality as soon as possible,” the company wrote, noting that phone support was unavailable at the present time.

Receipt and processing of so-called notice to air missions, which inform pilots and airlines about potential hazards during flights, have also been impacted, Jeppesen wrote.

On its Twitter account last week, Sunwing said the outage hit “multiple carriers in North America.”

The tour operator announced Thursday that its operations were normalizing, but warned of further delays. 

Meanwhile, impacted customers have been taking to social media to share their experience and vent their frustrations.

In its latest update, Sunwing promised that every passenger experiencing a delay in destination will be provided a return flight home, and while delayed, “our teams continue doing everything they can to keep customers up to date and comfortable, providing meal vouchers, arranging transfer services and securing hotel rooms for those who are impacted overnight.”

The company is urging customers to check their flight statuses on for the most up-to-date information on travel times, use the Sunwing Virtual Concierge in the Sunwing app to connect with a local representative, or contact Sunwing Cares.

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