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Stranded Sunwing customers fly home on New England Patriots’ jet

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  •   01-03-2023  8:11 am
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Stranded Sunwing customers fly home on New England Patriots’ jet
The New England Patriots' private jet recently transported a group of Sunwing customers back to Canada. (File photo/Shuttertstock/Tom Morris)
Pax Global Media

A group of Quebecers that were stranded in the Dominican Republic after their return flight home with Sunwing was cancelled experienced a voyage that gives re-patriation a new meaning.

As reported by Global News, a group of 14 Sunwing customers from Quebec were recently flown back to Canada on a jet owned by the New England Patriots football team.

The substitute aircraft was utilized after the travellers were unable to fly home on Dec. 27, their originally scheduled date, after learning that their Sunwing flight was delayed.

Like many Canadians who travelled over the holiday season, the group was forced to hunker down for several days in destination, shuffling from hotels to airports and back, waiting for up to 12 hours (or more) a day for updates on when their rescheduled flight would take place.

It wasn’t until Dec. 30 that the Quebec-based passengers were introduced to the aircraft Sunwing sent to bring them home: a private jet belonging to the NFL’s New England Patriots.

While there was reportedly some disappointment among the Quebecois passengers that the crew on board couldn’t speak French, the group, nonetheless, enjoyed the jet's spacious seats and legroom that's intended for transporting burly football players.

Sunwing said it planned to have most of its customers back in Canada by Monday (Jan. 2) after a winter storm over Christmas disrupted its operations (and the schedules of many other airlines).

Hundreds of passengers in sun destinations were stranded as a result of flight delays and cancellations.

As per a travel advisory posted on Dec. 30, Sunwing customers whose flights were impacted may submit a claim for compensation or a refund through the company’s website here for assessment.

Receipts for related expenses can also be sent to Sunwing Cares here for review.  

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