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PHOTOS: Scenes from Transat's return to the skies after a 112-day shutdown

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  •   07-24-2020  9:11 am
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PHOTOS: Scenes from Transat's return to the skies after a 112-day shutdown
The Airbus A330 cabin crew who flew Air Transat's Montréal-Paris (TS110) flight on July 23. From left (flight attendants): Marie-Josée Villeneuve, Serge Palasse, Sophie Brunet, Sonia Stahl, Josée Robitaille, Paule Parent, Alain Trudel, Carole Théorêt; Louise Lefebvre, flight director. (Photo: Catherine Pleau/Transat)
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There was definitely excitement in the air. After four months of inactivity due to COVID-19, Air Transat resumed operations on July 23rd. 

The carrier undertook a total of three international flights (Montreal-Toulouse, Montreal-Paris and Toronto-London) and three domestic flights (Montreal-Toronto, Toronto-Montreal and Toronto-Vancouver). 

Transat’s entire reduced summer schedule of 24 routes to some 20 destinations will be up and running by August 2.

“July 23 is, and will remain, a very special day in the history of Transat. We are gradually resuming our flight operations after a 112-day shutdown,” said Annick Guérard, chief operating officer, Transat. “There will be excitement in the air during our carrier's first takeoffs this evening. The entire Transat team, starting with our on-duty flight crews, is very pleased to return to action and to offer our passengers a restyled experience adapted to the situation. The skies are slowly clearing and that is encouraging, but it in no way means that the crisis caused by COVID-19 is over.”

Introducing Transat's Traveller Care 

One of the key elements of the recovery is of course customers’ confidence in travelling safely. In this regard, Transat’s Traveller Care program offers a complete package of health and safety measures for people on the move. 

Based on the recommendations of regulatory authorities, the travel experience has been completely revamped: from the travel agency, to the airport, on board the aircraft, and all the way to the destination. The program is accompanied by a comprehensive practical guide that includes, among other information, the requirements of destination countries and airports. 

These are two online reference tools available to travel consultants and their customers.

A fleet in transformation

In July, Transat's carrier took delivery of three new Airbus A321neoLR aircraft, which are the core of its fleet transformation. 

This new-generation aircraft is ideal to support the resumption of flight operations, because of, among other things, its medium capacity, extended range and fuel efficiency. 

The last two A321neoLRs to join the fleet made their first-ever delivery flights last weekend powered by sustainable fuel (SAF) from the Airbus assembly plant in Hamburg, Germany.

See the photos (courtesy of Transat):

The Airbus A321neoLR, which made the first of Air Transat's three international flights last night (July 23), Montreal-Toulouse (TS782), is at the heart of the transformation of the carrier's fleet. Photo credits: Catherine Pleau/Transat

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