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Russian plane crash claims 41 lives

Russian plane crash claims 41 lives
A screengrab from a video shows Aeroflot flight SU1492 on fire, after making an emergency landing at Moscow airport. Credit:
Christine Hogg

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Forty-one people have died following a horrific crash aboard a Russian jet that happened yesterday (May 5).

According to the BBC, Aeroflot flight SU1492 left the Moscow airport, and was heading to Murmansk when the crew sent out a distress signal after "malfunctions" arose from inclimate weather. Shortly after, the plane made an emergency landing at the airport, and burst into flames.

Seventy-eight people were on board (73 passengers and five crew).

What happened?

In dramatic video footage of the incident, the plane can be seen skidding down the runway, leaving a trail of fire and smoke in its path.

The BBC has shared the following video from Instagram user @podbrezky, whose account appears to have been since deactivated. Dramatic footage shows passengers using the emergency exit slides to exit the plane, and fleeing the tarmac.

Warning: these videos may be disturbing to some viewers.

Additional videos from passengers inside the plane have also surfaced. 

While some survivors report that the plane was struck by lightning, those investigating the crash have not yet released a report, or made an official comment on the cause of the crash.

Aeroflot has published a list of survivors on its company website, as well as the names of the five individuals who are currently in hospital. 

No Canadians or other foreign nationals were on board.

In a statement posted to Twitter, the airline says it will deliver free of charge to Moscow relatives of injured passengers of flight SU1492 Moscow – Murmansk, and that the company "Alfinsurance" and SOGAZ will pay insurance indemnity to relatives of the victims and injured aboard flight SU1492.

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