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Piloting Porter: President & CEO Michael Deluce on his leadership goals

Piloting Porter: President & CEO Michael Deluce on his leadership goals
Michael Deluce, president & CEO, Porter
Blake Wolfe

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Reliability, customer service and growth from Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport will be the focus for Porter’s newly-appointed President & CEO Michael Deluce, who yesterday (April 10) officially took over the reins of the airline from father and Porter founder Robert Deluce.

In an interview with PAX, the new CEO outlined his goals and provided some insight into the leadership change at the Toronto-based airline.

“It’s something we’ve been contemplating for a few months with our board and shareholder to find the right reorganization to lead Porter over the next period of time,” he said. “Ultimately, our shareholders and board unanimously supported the proposed changes, which became effective yesterday. We’re excited moving forward.”

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The changes will see Robert Deluce assume the new role of executive chairman, which will allow him to “enhance his existing responsibilities as a member of the board of directors, while staying engaged in Porter’s core business strategies,” Porter said in a release. He also remains as the company’s accountable executive for Transport Canada.

The shuffle also saw Kevin Jackson move into the position of executive vice president and chief commercial officer; and Porter Chief Operating Officer Paul Moreira adding executive vice-president to his title.

Looking ahead

While he could share few specific details, Deluce provided an overview of the direction in which he wants to see Porter fly.

“First off, I’ll continue to focus on reliability and the customer service delivery which has made Porter special, which will be the focus going forward,” Deluce told PAX. “As far as growth opportunities, we’ll strategically grow from this airport as opportunities arise. We’re assessing current growth plans for the future but at this point, there’s nothing that we can announce in that regard.”

In regards to enhancing customer service, Deluce explained that a “data-focused and goal-oriented approach” will be applied by the airline.

“The leadership at the team level will be elevated and our entire management team will be operating with clear targets in mind,” he said.

“As we make progress in various areas, there will be updates.”